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Channels to Master Evony

Once you love a game, it’s not only about playing it but also about keeping up with all the updates, tricks, tips, and news related to it. The Android gaming world is full of content creators that provide you with all the info you’re looking for, so here you have our favorite ones related to Evony. Make sure you check them out!


This channel has more than 90 videos available focusing only on Evony. It gives info about both discounts and special offers, but also about new characters, gear, and events. We really enjoy the casual tone of this channel and, especially, how honest it can be with some features of the game!

Derrick Defies

This channel is a smaller more indie one in both the number of followers and posted videos, but it includes a few in-depth guides of the battle mechanics that you’ll find very useful to truly unlock your potential.

ElPierro Gaming

ElPierro makes videos mostly in French, but you can also find some content in English as well! On this channel, you’ll find very interesting (and extremely updated) content about a lot of Android games: Raid Shadow Legends, Saint Seiya Legend of Justice, Infinite Magicraid. For sure, you’ll find the video you’re looking for!

DSNちゃんねる - エボニー王の帰還

Daamasu’s YouTube channel is very niche, not only because it's in Japanese but also because it’s focused on new players. Here you’ll find the battles and strategies of Daamasu and his friends but soon you’ll notice that we’re not talking about hardcore gamers but people who make their daily life a bit more fun through games.

Evony Guide Wiki Tkr

One more time, we have a channel with videos in more than one language; this time in English and Spanish. And that’s not all, Evony Guide Wiki Tkr is one of the first channels to use AI in the content creation process, that’s why you can find some of our favorite characters telling us all the news about Evony!

last-day-on-earth - editorial
Special Event
Last Day on Earth
One of our favorite sandbox games has just taken the mobile gaming world by storm with a special event, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. Get your armor ready and gather as many resources as you can because the Last Day on Earth is bringing quite a lot of surprises!
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threads-by-instagram - editorial
Threads by Instagram
A few weeks ago, tech enthusiasts got very exciting news: Mark Zuckerberg (Meta) challenged Elon Musk (Twitter) in a cage match. Was this a metaphor for a text-based social media war? We never know with these two, but the truth is that the company behind Facebook and Instagram has just released Threads, the long-awaited social media app that’s here to compete with Twitter, so let’s have a look!
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new-rewards-in-e-skills - editorial
Beta Feature
New Rewards in e-Skills
Being rewarded for your gaming skills is always amazing, but you know what’s better? This new e-Skills game feature that multiplies the opportunities to win more prizes! Although this is a beta feature only available in 2048, we’re sure you’re going to love it.
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pubg-aftermath - editorial
PUBG Mobile
Do you love PUBG? WE DO! And we have an exclusive free gift for Aptoide users; just follow the steps below using the promotional code in the image to receive your gift!
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pubg-x-arcane - editorial
PUBG x Arcane
One of our favorite battle royale games is having a very exciting collaboration these days. It’s not the first one though; we’ve seen appearances of Godzilla and even K-POP stars in PUBG, but this time it’s extra exciting because we’re talking about League of Legends! Are you ready to travel from Erangel to Piltover or Zaun?
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