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Game of the Week
SEOUL ApocalypseIf we need to choose a word to describe our Game of the Week this time, we’ll probably go for stylist... but if we could choose a few of them, we would go for non-stop-battle! And that’s because in SEOUL Apocalypse we get a beautifully designed RPG with a lot of action. Ready to learn more? Keep reading!
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Tips and Tricks
PUBGPUBG has taken the mobile world by storm! Players from all over the globe have become addicted to this battle royale style game making it one of the most popular and competitive games yet! Get to know the 6 top tips and tricks to get a leg up and be the last-man-standing in this 100-person free-for-all intense shooter!
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Follow the flicks!
The Oscar goes to...The best moment of the year to talk about movies is back, and we think it’s also a great opportunity to get you ready for the discussion. Sadly, it seems the Academy will not recognize the talent behind Snakes on a Plane once again (great Samuel L Jackson), but we’re sure you’ll find these apps useful!
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