The Ancestral Legacy image
Game of the Week
The Ancestral LegacyThis week it’s all set up for the perfect combo of adventure, horror and mystery, because Buff Studio, the one that brought us Mystic Guardian, has made it again with a stunning visual novel game! Be ready to spend some quality time on the edge with The Ancestral Legacy, our Game of the Week.
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HEX image
Game of the Week
HEXSometimes, what we actually need in terms of Android gaming is not RPGs, racing, shooting or battle royales. A bit of old school puzzle games with a very pleasant relaxing vibe can satisfy our needs when we just need to calm down and take life a bit less seriously. Wanna give it a try? Discover HEX, an infinity game that we just appointed as our Game of the Week!
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Guns Up! image
Game of the Week
Guns Up!The Android gaming world is not a bubble, and many times we see games that come from other platforms, such as PlayStation, Xbox and even PC. This week, we’ve got a twist on the classic tower defense games with a bit of a more casual and laid-back vibe. Are you ready for the adrenaline of Guns Up!? It’s our Game of the Week!
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Dragon Storm Fantasy ⚔️ image
Game of the Week
Dragon Storm Fantasy ⚔️This week we travel to a world of fantasy, with dragons, magic and thousands of players from all over the world fighting each other in massive battlegrounds. You might think that Dragon Storm Fantasy is just another RPG available for Android, but we are talking about a very unique game with a humongous world to explore and beautiful characters. Ready for our Game of the Week?
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Phobies image
Game of the Week
PhobiesSometimes we find beauty in the most grotesque and strange creatures, and if we add cute graphics and the right level of strategy, we can even love them. This is the case of our Game of the Week: a title that many would compare with Hearthstone or even with Clash Royale. Ready for Phobies?
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My Hero Ultra Impact image
Game of the Week
My Hero Ultra ImpactBANDAI NAMCO has done it again! The studio behind some of the most popular Japanese-inspired games (Dragon Ball Z, Slime...) is back with one of our favorite franchises: My Hero Academia. It might be because of the characters, the casual 3-on-3 battles or the gorgeous anime graphics... but the truth is we’re ready for My Hero Ultra Impact, our Game of the Week!
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Heat Gear image
Game of the Week
Heat GearSomething we truly love about Android games is the ability to do things we cannot do in the real world. Most of the time this involves fantasy, magic and a trip to a completely surreal wonderland, but in our Game of the Week, it’s all about breaking driving rules: speed, police hunt and crashes. Buckle up and get your tires ready for Heat Gear.
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Kingdoms Glory image
Game of the Week
Kingdoms GloryBeing a Lord is quite a cool thing, especially when you get everything inherited and you can just focus on enjoying the nice perks of lord-life. But in our Game of the Week things are slightly more complex and you’ll need to build your civilization from scratch, which means surfing several ages of history and of course, making some enemies on the way. Ready for Kingdoms Glory?
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Fortnite image
Game of the Week
FortniteWe can call it the Game of the Week.... or Game of the Decade. Fortnite really needs no presentation because virtually all gamers (not only Android ones) have already given it a try. It might be because of the unique looks and outfits of its characters, the stunning graphics powered by Unreal Engine 4 or the creative feature... It doesn’t matter; the truth is Fortnite has been a phenomenon in the Android gaming world for years and we’re here to celebrate it!
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Pokémon UNITE image
Game of the Week
Pokémon UNITEIs there a better way of starting the year? Our favorite franchise brings back these little creatures to the Android world with a well-known concept, MOBAs. Although the innovation provided by Pokémon GO is hard to replicate, we can see in Pokémon UNITE the potential to guarantee hours and hours of fun. Ready for our Game of the Week?
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