Tank Hero image
Game of the Week
Tank HeroThis week, we’ve got a very recent game that has greatly surprised us. Some may think it’s a strategy game, others an action title, but we just prefer to say it’s very casual, highly addictive, and extremely simple to play! Whether you enjoy war or very simple controls, we’re sure you’ll enjoy our brand-new Game of the Week: Tank Hero!
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Om Nom: Run image
Game of the Week
Om Nom: RunZeptoLab, the creators of Cut the Rope, have done it again. This time, they bring us an endless running game with our favorite character: Om Nom. To top it off, our Game of the Week this time is based on a title with an amazing storyline, Om Nom Stories: Super-Noms. Could we ask for anything else? Get ready to learn more about Om Nom and Om Nelle’s amazing running in Om Nom Run!
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Need for Speed No Limits image
Game of the Week
Need for Speed No LimitsIf you like speed, nice rides, and underground scenarios, this is your week. Our game this time comes from a well-known studio, EA Games, and that’s why we’re talking about the cream of the crop in terms of graphics, controls, gameplay... Although we’re big fans of indie studios, we can only recognize that the big fish are experts on delivering well-polished games like Need for Speed: No limits, our new Game of the Week!
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New MiniBattle image
Game of the Week
New MiniBattleOur Game of the Week this time is usually described as a shooting game, but we would say it’s a cross over between shooting and arcade. With amazing colorful graphics and quite casual in terms of controls, matchmaking, and story, we can say that New MiniBattle is a great option for those easy players that still enjoy multiplayer online shooting games. Want to learn more? Keep reading!
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Ronin: The Last Samurai image
Game of the Week
Ronin: The Last SamuraiWe all are pretty used to 3D graphics, cartoonish designs, old school 2D games... Although we may think that it seems the options are quite limited, game designers sometimes take big risks and surprise us in a very pleasant way. And that’s one of the reasons for Ronin: The Last Samurai to be our Game of the Week. Ready for the surprise?
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Wild Rift image
Game of the Week
Wild RiftIs there a better way of kicking off 2021 than with a Game of the Week? This title took the world by storm, which is unsurprising if we take into account where it comes from: the absolutely massive hit for PC, League of Legends AKA LoL! Yeah, you’re right, we’re talking about Wild Rift!
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Space Shooter image
Game of the Week
Space ShooterDecember, for many of us, is the busiest month. Holidays, reunions with family and friends... Everyone’s agenda is just packed, so why not jump into a more casual game for once? This week, there’s not much time required to enjoy this title, but the truth is that this casual game will entertain you for hours. Please welcome our Game of the Week: Space Shooter!
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Forsaken World image
Game of the Week
Forsaken WorldThis one will probably be familiar to many of you because (1) it’s been in the top of all rankings since it came out, and (2) you probably know other titles of the studio behind it, like Leage of Angels or Rangers of Oblivion. Are these the only reasons for us to choose Foresaken World as Game of the Week. Not only, just keep reading
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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang image
Spiel der Woche
Mobile Legends: Bang BangWenn wir dieses Mal unser Spiel der Woche nur mit einem Wort beschreiben müssten dann wäre es rasant. Obwohl es weitere Aspekte gibt, die uns an diesem Spiel sehr gefallen, wie etwa die Vielfalt der Helden, möchten wir die schnelle Art von Mobile Legends hervorheben: Bang Bang, einfach ein Genuß. Und genau das ist der Grund, warum wir es Ihnen als unser Spiel der Woche empfehlen müssen!
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Raziel: Dungeon Arena image
Spiel der Woche
Raziel: Dungeon ArenaSind Sie eher der Einsame Wolf oder sind Sie ein Teamplayer? Gefallen Ihnen tollen Grafiken? Suchen Sie einen Handlungsstrang der spannender ist als der von Herr der Ringe? Keine Sorge wir haben das im Griff! Unser Spiel der Woche hat das alles und noch viel mehr, machen Sie sich bereit viele unterhaltsame Stunden an ihren Android-Gerät zu verbringen, denn wenn Sie ein mal angefangen haben Raziel zu spielen, dann können Sie nicht mehr aufhören!
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