FIFA Soccer image
Game of the Week
FIFA SoccerMaybe you noticed that something was missing in 2020. Ok, we missed a lot of things, but now we’re talking about something BIG. That’s right, some of the largest tournaments of the most important sport in the world were postponed to 2021. Have you heard of Euro 2020 and Copa América? and that's one of the reasons why FIFA Soccer is our Game of the Week!
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Last Day Defense image
Game of the Week
Last Day DefenseThe action is back to your favorite Aptoide section and we couldn’t be more excited because this type of game is one of our favorites: tower defense! In Last Day Defense you’ll encounter LOTS of zombies, many different types of weapons and a challenge on every level. Ready for ou Game of the Week?
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Guardians of Cloudia image
Game of the Week
Guardians of CloudiaThis week we talk about great graphics, deep characters, and a well-built storyline. We talk about complexity in the form of an Android game since our Game of the Week requires time, dedication, and courage. Are you ready to explore a whole new world in Guardians of Cloudia?
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Z Warrior Legend image
Game of the Week
Z Warrior LegendAre you ready for some action? This time, our Game of the Week brings us some classic realness: an action-packed title with some of the most iconic characters of our favorite Japanese series. We are, of course, talking about Dragon Ball Z! Collect heroes, build a team, and fight your enemies with Z Warrior Legend.
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Cyberika image
Game of the Week
CyberikaIf you follow the gaming world, you’ve probably heard of all the drama around Cyberpunk 2077. A highly expected game that turned into a bug festival in some versions of certain platforms. Our Game of the Week this time is usually considered the mobile adaptation of Cyberpunk 2077, not only for the visual aspect but also for the storyline and gameplay. Are you ready for the action of Cyberika?
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Stella Arcana image
Game of the Week
Stella ArcanaDid you find last week's featured game a little bit too simple? No need to worry, this time we've got quite a massive universe of complexity that will keep you mesmerized for a lot of hours. Beautiful illustrations, deep personalities in all characters, and (surprisingly) an amazing soundtrack. Stella Arcana has all those aspects we want in this type of game and that's why it's our Game of the Week!
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Solar Smash image
Game of the Week
Solar SmashSome may think our Game of the Week isn’t very appropriate for these uncertain pandemic days we’re living on, but we really love it. Destroying a planet seems to be a complex task, but we’re talking about one of the most casual games we’ve discovered lately. Please welcome our latest Game of the Week: Solar Smash!
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Tank Hero image
Game of the Week
Tank HeroThis week, we’ve got a very recent game that has greatly surprised us. Some may think it’s a strategy game, others an action title, but we just prefer to say it’s very casual, highly addictive, and extremely simple to play! Whether you enjoy war or very simple controls, we’re sure you’ll enjoy our brand-new Game of the Week: Tank Hero!
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Om Nom: Run image
Game of the Week
Om Nom: RunZeptoLab, the creators of Cut the Rope, have done it again. This time, they bring us an endless running game with our favorite character: Om Nom. To top it off, our Game of the Week this time is based on a title with an amazing storyline, Om Nom Stories: Super-Noms. Could we ask for anything else? Get ready to learn more about Om Nom and Om Nelle’s amazing running in Om Nom Run!
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Need for Speed No Limits image
Game of the Week
Need for Speed No LimitsIf you like speed, nice rides, and underground scenarios, this is your week. Our game this time comes from a well-known studio, EA Games, and that’s why we’re talking about the cream of the crop in terms of graphics, controls, gameplay... Although we’re big fans of indie studios, we can only recognize that the big fish are experts on delivering well-polished games like Need for Speed: No limits, our new Game of the Week!
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